A rainy wintery day with not much to do has brought about the happy event of getting round to opening up a shop!


Been meaning to do this for a wee while now, well actually quite a long while really…but after a final polishing & buffing of the wares I’ve now cut the ribbon and pulled back the doors for all you lucky shoppers out there.


Check out the goods over on the rather spiffy Society 6 now!


Why Society 6 I hear you ask? Well my good men and womens, they make things super simple for both you and I, but most importantly their prints and products are of the tip top tippiest around. We’re talking choice goodies like¬†Gallery quality Gicl√©e prints & canvases, finely crafted frames, smashing mobile device cases and some choice cushions. Yep you can now have a pillow fight and get smushed in the face with some of my drawings, how great is that!


More images and creations will be added periodically so keep your lids peeled. Now enough reading- head off, look, enjoy and purchase for you and yours.


Spore on Society 6