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Spore* is the home of graphic designer, illustrator and creator of things Olivier Perkins. Having always had a passion for art, design & doodles, he holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree (majoring in graphic design). Always looking to evolve and developing his creative & technical skills in new exciting ways, Spore* enjoys the flexibility of an eclectic aesthetic.

In his earlier years he sailed the seven seas (well a few of them) aboard a 40ft sailboat, before charting his way to New Zealand and Taranaki. Here he put aside his cutlass and picked up the mighty pencil. He is married with 2 children, a dog, cat and 2 chickens.

When not wielding a pencil in a dangerous manner or basking in the hypnotic glow of the computer screen, you can usually find him taking surf photos, drifting around above (or below) the sea on a surfboard, crashing into trees on a mountain bike or falling off a skateboard.

Olivier Perkins

Olivier Perkins

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For this website and each new web hosting account a tree gets planted! This “greener” method helps to offset servers’ overall impact on the planet. As a boutique design studio, Spore* is committed to minimising waste and impact on the environment, and helping to keep the Earth a happier place.