surfboard graphic design illustrations

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sky bird board graphics

surfboard design illustrations

Extremely excited to announce the release of my latest work! The project was the redesign and development of the Carbon Art Wave Board range, looking to create a completely new look to reinvent and reinvigorate the boards aesthetic appeal…

A unique part of the Carbon Art construction system is that each boards is individually made to order, which allows the customer to fully customise their board. To capitalize on this on this unique feature I began working with the idea of developing a range of ‘looks’.  The concept being to appeal to different people and offer a varied selection of graphics.

Another part of the board custom options is the choice of board colour. The previous graphics were all contained within a shape and printed onto a white vinyl material, but I soon saw using the same approach would cause an issue with doing any complex edged graphics  – the difficulty of cutting out would lead to having ugly white edges showing up on the coloured boards. A bit of research and testing multiple materials resulted in the final use of a digitally printed clear material that fitted the requirements of both visual application and costing.

board model logo designs

The downside of having a range of graphic options was the absence of a clear model identifier – when the board is down the beach it isn’t possible to know by appearance what specific model or size it was without getting up real close and inspecting the specifications box. The solution was the creation of unique model logos (look above!) to give them a distinct identity, while also informing of the model size (the numbers change for each board size).

board logo design

logo model design

This was such a great project to work on and was really, really pleased with how the boards came out. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to decide which graphic I want for my next board…!