the world windsurfing and kitesurfing guide book

Quite a while back I was asked to contribute to this guide book that was being produced in far away Europe…it’s been a while in the making but The World kite & windsurfing guide is finished, printed and is now out and available to buy!

It was really great to be a part of this massive guide book that features over 1,200 of the world’s best spotsĀ – it was even greater that I got to show off the awesome waves I have right on my doorstep (well a short drive down the road anyway!) and even greater still was being featured in a publication alongside some of the legends of windsurf photography (like John Carter, Jono Knight, Darrell Wong to name a few!)

My photo’s are the top two on the Taranaki New Zealand page!

taranaki windsurfing spot photograph in guide book

To get your own copy in New Zealand just get in contact with Alex over at The book is featured on the home page as well as the Euro specific version.