Surfboards in colour?!



Been meaning to post this up for a while…here’s a surfboard bag (or sock) I put together some weeks ago. For a few dollars worth of material, a spare shoelace from the last pair of Vans I bought and maybe half an hour of cutting sewing time (with the help of my lovely misses!) made myself this sweet board bag. Protects from the knocks and scrapes from banging around in the car/garage, stops the bottom getting covered in wax when it’s piled in the heap of surf search boards and even brightens up the office space when it’s hangin in the corner waiting for it’s next outing!

It’s a fairly simple sewing job and lets you create a board bag in the style you want rather than an off the shelf monotone clone. :)

Had a quick look around and turns out I’m not the only one crafting their own… Check out Bogus , Shelter & Ahoy for more hand made surfboard bag inspiration and then get sewin!