I hope everyone had a super amazing Christmas break, and a great New Years! Had a lovely time relaxin with my family and catching up on a few bits and pieces and scoring some surf action myself.

That is when I wasn’t being distracted by the awesome Stylophone (as heard in David Bowie, Kraftwerks, White Stripes and Manic street Preachers songs) pressie given to me by my bro. Of course those around you generally aren’t so sure about it’s utter awesomeness… but it sure is fun!. There’s even a Raconteurs version available too as it’s used in a song or 2 of theirs. If you haven’t seen or heard a Stylophone before then here’s a handy video to learn all about it!

So far my ‘skills’ have been able to get to grips with these MUST KNOW stylophone tunes:

Who know’s one day after endless hours of practice you too may be a Stylophone master, just check out the blistering stylus rockin that is possible: