As you may gather if you’ve been here before I’m into my windsurfing/ particularly wavesailing, so just had to post up this new vid clip of the PWA winner at the Pozo event. Even if you don’t sail I’m sure everyone can appreciate the awesomeness of some of these moves (back loop into forward loop, dbl forwards, lip slide floater 360!) Looks like the future of windsurfing is in good hands with 15yr old up and comer Philip Koester pushing the level so high, I reckon we’ll be seeing plenty more of him around thats for sure!

Starting to get amped for own windsurf comp we have here in Taranaki New Zealand – The Taranaki Wave Classic. Currently helping out with the all new website update (keep checking in a couple weeks time!) and busy designing up the new years event styles, T’s, posters, trophies…!