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surf photographer new plymouth taranaki

Summer arrived with a grand entrance and enough wind to well and truly blow any cobwebs away with force! I’m talking seriously windy with 4.0 & 3.7 sails being used and overpowered and calls of “windiest Pungarehu ever”! That was the first day and though I ventured down for a look, time and wind was not in my favour.

On to the saturday…and still VERY windy but looked a lot more manageable and the wind looked constant. Started off with taking a few shots on the beach, testing out my new Canon 2x Extender on the Sigma 120-300mm f2.8. Still a bit to learn using this new addition to the kit, any user error is paid for in a drop in image quality and it’s giving the tripod a run for it’s money, but been getting a few shots that I’m quite happy with.

Soo that was the surf photo session..I then went out for a spin myself, rigged up a 4.2 and grabbed the Thruster waveboard. Was out about an hour in semi-overpowered conditions, scored a few decent waves, the board lets you do some awesome feeling turns with fully engaged nose to tail rail in effect! Started thinking it was time to head in before I got over tired and the arms gave way when I caught one of the bigger set waves of the day… started off well, then cranked a bottom turn up into the pitching lip, was a bit late but figured I give it a go. Unfortunately the wave won and spun me right over and under, which normally would have been ok but my front foot stayed wedge in the strap, with me dangling along for the ride as the board twisted and turned.

One trip to the docs and an Xray later and it’s now 5 or so weeks in plaster. Ahh summer fun…!