illustration of giraffe in clouds

ONE MILLION! That’s how many!!…or a least will be if the submissions keep rolling in as they have been over at One Million Giraffes.

The Giraffe above was one of my submissions to this project and was stoked to find out it made Giraffe of the day! There’s another of my other giraffes I sent can be seen here.

In an effort to prove his friend wrong, Ola is on a mission to collect this massive number of high rise leaf munchers. The project on seems fairly simple until you start thinking about the reality, I’m sure you can imagine it is also a very LARGE (or should that be long…) one. A million anythings is a challenge to collect, let alone organise, count, filter and display them in all their long necked glory.

With only two rules to follow it’s real easy for everyone to get involved:

  • You have to tell your friends about this project (otherwise it won’t work)
  • Your giraffe(s) can be created in any way and form, but not on a computer (hands are good!)

If you’re reading this then find the time to go grab a pencil, stick, rock and scribble an extra tree top nibbler or two and send them in!