s britt illustration

S Britt cat illustration

Just had to share the latest interview up over at Grain Edit at the moment. The site itself is one of my regular haunts, it features a lot of really great work from super amazing illustrators & designers around the world with a 50’s-70’s slant.

So this week they have posted up an interview with S. Britt, an illustrator that (may or may not?) resides in Pickleton USA. His work has that classic style,  but he definately stamps his own uniqueness to it all and wields his skills in a masterful manner. Personally I found the interview entertaining, enlightening and above all his responses where a refreshing change to the usual 1+1=2 interviews you normally read…head on over and check it out, make sure you have  few minutes to sit back and enjoy and be sure to stick around for the guaranteed succesfull recipe to  creative process!

Check out the interview here!

More of S.Britt’s work on his website.

And be sure to keep enjoying the ever enjoyable Grain Edit site!