As I’m off adventuring tomorrow to Europe, thought I’d leave you all with something small to remember me by :)

It’s my Little Monsta font type I started developing for the character seen above (in vector and handmade wooden keyring form). There’s also an animation of him on own of his own adventures I did a while ago that will show up here one of these days…keep checking back as I’ll try dig it out from the hard drive and post it up soon!

Just a bit of fun, but if your in need of some growly roars then this type might just do the trick. Creating even this simple font really opened my eyes to the amazing powers that true typographers must wield. Their patience, dedication and diligence is something to be respected that is for certain. The design of the alphabet and integration of each letter with it’s possible letter partners so we can merrily type away is more than I could manage to perfect…for now at least!

I guess you could say “the beast is in the details”… right I’ll get my coat 😉

Download Monsta font . Free for you to use, credit me if your feeling generous and show me what monsterrific work you did with it!