storm thorgerson in new zealand

Semi-Permanent 2010 ! Yes I was there….thus giving me a proper reason for the late pic this week, or rather last week ūüėČ

The photo above is of the big screen at the superb New Zealand leg of the great Semi Permanent design event. The image itself was orchestrated live¬†by none other than the legendary Storm Thorgeson (if you don’t know the name check the link and see that you¬†definitely¬†know his amazing work!). It took a couple of attempts to create the piece that was simply entitled “4D Fuck Avatar”. A small example of Storm’s fine British humour and his willingness to express his thoughts on the way things are. Great stuff :)

And yep if you look close you can even spot me in the crowd, haha! (pic is also up on my Facebook if you want to tag yourself on there)

Storm Thorgerson creates semi permanent new zealand photo