photography  bird over taranaki beach

So this is the beginning of a new little project named…”Favourite Photo Friday” .

The idea is I’ll be posting a favourite photograph that I’ve taken during the week and surprisingly it will be every Friday! (bet you didn’t guess that!)

To start things off in fine form I’m breaking the rules right off the bat and posting a photo that wasn’t taken this week at all. It was taken just before my broken ankle and when I first thought about doing this. But I’m sure you’ll forgive me just this once… next ones will be weekly fresh I promise! There’s some people out there doing the every day 365 challenge for both photo and some design , the great cool stuff by Mark Weaver and of course one of my favourites, the daily monster.

But I’m going for something a little bit more casual and realistic with busy work, family life and possibly may mean quality over quantity, but no guarantees in that department. 😉