I was briefed to deliver a series of visuals for the Centre City winter fashion collections.

This large scale project resulted in 11 hand painted images at life size scale. A naive style created quirky contrast that highlighted the fashion effectively. No Photoshop was used in the creation of these images.


Images were used extensively on building billboards, fashion magazine, bus’s and website.


Photography: Mark Harris
Stylist: Ella Volino

Illustration, Fashion, Painting

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  • IMG_4092IMG_4092
  • MHP_0881MHP_0881
  • MHP_0940MHP_0940
  • IMG_4108IMG_4108
  • MHP_0893MHP_0893
  • MHP_0861MHP_0861
  • MHP_0890MHP_0890
  • MHP_0905MHP_0905
  • MHP_0909MHP_0909
  • MHP_0912MHP_0912
  • MHP_0917MHP_0917
  • MHP_0920MHP_0920
  • MHP_0922MHP_0922
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