Thought I’d share a couple shots with you behind the scenes for the making of the titles for the latest Carbon Art windsurfing video. This was a fun creative concept to work with, using card, sharpie markers, stickyback plastic and good old matchbox cars with string to make it all come alive! (will this be enough to get me a Blue Peter badge I wonder?)


making animated paper vide titles

the family extras lend a hand for the video titles

Of course the plan was that the simple animated movements would go super easy and be a smooth effortless affair. I roped in the family to be my puppeteers and we were off! …many, many takes later, some slightly disgruntled family members (love you!), a couple of tears and it all came together swimmingly 😉


The full final video is below, enjoy!


[vimeo w=600&h=337]